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Payment Policy

Your health is of the utmost importance to us.  Our skilled specialists are trained to help you get the care that you need from the best doctors in Washington State.  Often, with personal injury cases, you will have no out of pocket expenses!  Let our trained specialists work for you!

Medical services are provided and billed by each individual provider. Should you need to use your own insurance, our providers participate in most all of the major health insurance plans in the region. Following are the health plans which we currently accept.


Please be aware that with any health plans, there may be deductibles and copayments for which you could be responsible.

Health & Insurance Plans
  • All major auto insurance companies including, but not limited to Geico, Allstate, Safeco, American Family, GMAC, Pemco, Progressive, USAA, eSurance, Farmers, etc. 

  • Aetna

  • AmeriChoice

  • BlueCross BlueSheild National Preferred Networks

  • Cigna HMO/PPO

  •  Cigna International

  • Empire BlueCross BlueSheild

  • First Choice Networks

  • Group Health

  • Medicare (most locations)

  • Medicaid (limited locations)

  • Premera Blue Cross

  • Regence Blue Shield

  • State Workers Compensation

  • Self Insured Workers Compensation

  • United Health Care

Frequently Asked Questions

I was in a car accident and it wasn't my fault.  Will I have to pay?

If the accident wasn't your fault, our specialists are trained to help you receive the best care at ZERO COST to you!

I was in a car accident and I was at fault.  Will I have to pay?

At fault accidents are a bit more tricky.  However, it is still possible that you may receive treatment without any out of pocket expense.  This will take some research, but we are trained to help you.

​Will your specialists work with my family doctor?​

Yes.  If requested, our specialists will work hand in hand with your family doctor, providing them updates and reports as necessary.

Why won't my family doctor see me for my auto accident injuries?

Because of the legal aspect of motor vehicle collision cases, it could take years to receive payment for services that your doctor provides.  Many doctors are not equipped to deal with this.  At WPRN, we have a network of doctors that are willing to take this risk, as well as fight for you, even if that means going to court to tes​

Also, if your injury requires a referral, we can help you go direct, skipping a step. 

​I wasn't hurt that bad.  Should I still seek treatment?

Studies have shown that injuries and changes to the body occur in accidents as slow as 2.5 MPH!  Studies also have shown that it could take months for the effects of an accident to show up.  You should, at the minimum, have an evaluation done so that any and all changes are documented by a doctor.  If there are no injuries, our doctors will document that correctly for the insurance companies.

I have Personal Injury Protection(PIP).  Why should I use that instead of making the other party pay?

​PIP is a service that you pay for each month.  It is to your benefit to use your own PIP to pay for treatment.  When your treatments have ended, and you are back to good health, your own insurance company will help you to recuperate the money from the other insurance company.  Using your PIP will add your insurance company and all their resources to your legal team.

Please feel free to call or contact us by email if you have any questions that were not addressed here.  We are happy to answer them free of charge!

Same Day Appointments Available

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